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How to Obtain Your Texas LTC Online in May 2024

David Harrison  ·  Updated on May 2, 2024

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Obtain Your Texas LTC Online

If you are looking to get your Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC), you came to the right place. We've helped over 35,000 Texans get their LTC online since 2018.

In this guide we will give you the exact steps you have to take to get your Texas LTC online.

If you already know the steps to get your LTC you can skip the guide and sign up now.

What is an Online Texas LTC?

LTC stands for License to Carry a Handgun.

In 2017, the process for getting a LTC in Texas got a lot easier. Texas passed a law allowing anyone 18 or older to complete the LTC class online.

Instead of sitting in a classroom all Saturday for 8 hours with a dozen other people. You can now complete the LTC Course online in 4 hours. Our course is completely video driven with full audio capability. This means you can watch our short bite sized sections at your own pace while at home or on the go.

If you want to get started and skip the rest of the guide, you can start the online LTC class now.


A Look Inside the Texas LTC Class

The course consists of two parts. The 4-hour online course (part 1) followed by the 1-hour shooting exam that is completed local to you (part 2).


Step 1: Complete The Online LTC Course


Online Course Length 4 Hours
Course Format Self Paced, come and go as needed
Course Expiration 1 year
Course Platform Phone, Computer or Tablet
Exam Questions 25 Multiple Choice Questions
Passing Score 80%
Exam Attempts Unlimited Retries


The course has 24 sections, each under 15 minutes, so you can pause and continue whenever you want. You are guaranteed to pass the 25 question multiple choice exam as we give you unlimited retries.

Once you complete the online LTC course, you’ll receive a Texas DPS issued LTC-104 form. You must download and print this certificate of training to begin the shooting exam. Here is an example of what the LTC-104 form will look like after part 1 (formerly known as a LTC-101 if you completed your course prior to May 1st, 2024). is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to administer the online License to Carry Course under TX Chapter 411.188 & 411.190.

Sign Up For The LTC Course

We wanted to give you the best experience possible so here are a few highlights of the online handgun course:

  • Mobile-friendly so you can take our class with you anywhere.

  • Videos that are engaging and downright enjoyable to watch + you can simply listen in if on the road.

  • You can start and stop as you need, and the system will automatically save your progress.

  • We give you unlimited exam retries so you are guaranteed to pass!


Step 2: The Proficiency Demonstration (Shooting Exam)


Shooting Exam Length 1 Hour
Course Format In Person, local to you
Course Expiration 1 year
Course Platform Firing Range
Exam Stage 1 20 shots from 3 yards
Exam Stage 2 20 shots from 7 yards
Exam Stage 3 10 shots from 15 yards
Passing Score 70%

The second part of the course is a shooting test. This is a hands-on test where you show you can use a gun safely. We can give you a list of local instructors in your city for the shooting exam.

You'll simply reach out to schedule this part. You can also go to anyone you'd like, our list is just a recommendation.

The Shooting exam is 1 hour long and will require the following:

  • 20 Shots from 3 yards
  • 20 Shots from 7 yards
  • 10 Shots from 15 yards

You will shoot a total of 50 rounds and need to score at least 175 points out of 250 (70%). After you pass, the instructor will fill in the range instruction and proficiency demonstration portion of the LTC-104 form we gave you. Keep this form safe! You will need it to finish your application with the DPS.

Here is an example of what the completed LTC-104 will look like (Remember if you compelted the course prior to May 1st 2024, you will have an LTC-101. Anyone who finished after May 1st, 2024 will get an LTC-104).

Sign Up For The LTC Course


Step 3: Apply for your TX LTC Online

The next step is to apply for your License to Carry on the DPS website. You'll simply head over to the dps website and click "handgun licensing." From there simply follow the on page instructions, it takes less than 5 minutes.

During this step you'll also submit your LTC-104 to the DPS. You can scan or take a photo of the completed form and upload it to their website during your application process.

When you apply, the DPS will email you a "service code" to give to IdenToGo for fingerprinting. More on that in the next step.


Step 4: Get your Fingerprints taken

In this step, use the service code from Texas DPS to schedule your fingerprint appointment on the IdenToGo website.

Texas LTC Fingerprints


Step 5: Check the mail for your Official License to Carry from the DPS

After you finish the steps and the DPS approves your application, you will get your LTC in the mail.

The process of obtaining your license can take up to 8 weeks. However, if your background check is clear, it typically only takes about 3 weeks.

To see the progress of your application, log in to your DPS website account. Tip: use a valid email address that you check regularly. If they have issues with your application they will email you there.


Who is Exempt from the Shooting Exam?

Note that if even if you are exempt from the Shooting Exam, NO ONE is exempt from the online/classroom portion of the LTC Class.

If you attempt to apply on the DPS website without an LTC-104, the system will reject your application. You have to complete the online course to be eligible to receive your Texas LTC.

Persons WHO ARE Exempt from the Shooting Exam are:

  • Active Military and Veterans: Active-duty military members and honorably discharged veterans within 10 years of discharge are typically exempt.

  • Certain Judicial Officers: Active federal and state judges, along with retired federal and state judges, may be exempt from the shooting proficiency test.

  • Prosecutors: Some prosecutors may also be exempt from the shooting proficiency test.

  • Peace Officers: Texas peace officers and certain out-of-state peace officers may be exempt from the shooting proficiency test.

  • Correctional Officers: Some correctional officers, especially those employed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, may be exempt, provided they meet specific conditions.

  • Federal Officers: Certain federal officers or agents may also be exempt.

All persons seeking exemption must provide copy of a valid range qualification card from their service time. Submit this with your supporting documents when applying. If you cannot locate your range qualification card or equivelent, you will most likely have to complete the shooting proficiency exam. This shooting exam process is outlined in in Step 2.


What are the Requirements to Carry in Texas?

As you can see, we give you everything you need to get your Texas LTC online with ease. Getting this certification means you can now legally conceal or open carry.

Per the present gun laws, to legally carry and get your LTC you must:

  • Complete the classroom training (online) and pass a live-fire shooting exam with a certified, local instructor
  • Pass a background check, ruling out any applicants that may have a disqualifying criminal history
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Possess and maintain a clean criminal and psychological record


We created a free quiz to determine if you are eligible for a Texas License to Carry. This will determine if you are eligible to get a LTC. Click here to see if you qualify.

Still have questions? That’s okay, we still have answers! Keep reading below to take a peek at our most frequently asked questions.

Ready to get your Texas LTC Online?

Texas Carry Course is the official way to take your Texas LTC online course.

We’re proudly listed on the TX DPS website licensed under TX GC 411.188 & 411.190 to legally administer the online LTC training course. Start today to open or conceal carry your firearm and feel more confident about your safety!

Click to Get Certified Today


We’re not through yet! You learned about getting your LTC, but you may still have more questions. Take a look at our most commonly asked questions below, or be sure to reach out if we still didn’t answer the question you have. We’re happy to assist you at any time!

How long does it take to get an LTC online in Texas in 2024?

Our class is only 4 hours long, so you can complete your LTC-104 (formely called a LTC-101 prior to May 1st, 2024)  in less than a day if you want to. Then, it just takes scheduling a live-fire exam with a local instructor and applying. Once you ace the live-fire exam and apply for the license, the Department of Public Safety will make every effort to mail out your LTC within 60 days of receiving the completed application. 

How much does it cost to get an LTC online in Texas?

Our online Texas License to Carry Course is only $45, but the cost does vary depending on the platform you choose to take. There are some more expensive but still provide the same amount of information. Sign up today through us to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to obtaining your LTC! 

About the Author

Written by David Harrison

David Harrison is an avid firearms enthusiast who has been in and around the industry since he was young. He has worked for multiple firearms companies and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Texas Carry Course Team. During his time off you can find him at the firing range, or at the local baseball field coaching little league.

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Steps to get your Texas LTC · License to Carry

Formerly known as a CHL · Concealed Handgun License