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To obtain your Texas LTC, formerly your CHL

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Complete the classroom portion for your LTC online today. It's self paced so you can come and go as you need for your convenience.

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Texas license to carry

"Texans can now exercise their Second Amendment rights to the fullest extent."


"Texas is one of the friendliest states for gun owners, and this builds on that tradition."


"The state's online carry permit system, which allows for a streamlined process, has already been a success"

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Step #1

Complete The Online Class Portion

Complete our Texas DPS approved online LTC course. You will immediately be issued a DPS LTC-101 form upon passing. This is required to begin Step #2.

Step #2

Complete the Live Fire Exam

Complete the live-fire exam with a local instructor. Simply email us your city when you are done with the class and we will send you the applicable list.

Step #3

Apply for your LTC

You will use your, now completed, LTC-101 form we issued you to apply for your LTC on the DPS website. The DPS webite will walk you through the final process.

CHL - TexasCarryCourse

Texas Carry Course has been providing high-quality online Texas license to carry classes since 2018. We have over 20 years of experience in firearms instruction and have helped more than 25,000 online students get their license to carry since 2018. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible training to ensure our students feel confident and prepared to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Choose TexasCarryCourse.com for a trusted, convenient, and affordable online LTC class.

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What is the Online LTC Class like?

CHL - TexasCarryCourse
module #1

Texas Laws on Use of Force and Deadly Force: This module covers the laws and regulations related to the use of force and deadly force in Texas, including the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws.

module #2

Non-Violent Dispute Resolution: This module covers strategies for resolving conflicts and de-escalating situations without resorting to violence. It also covers conflict resolution in a variety of settings, including home, workplace, and public places.

module #3

Handgun Use and Safety: This module covers the fundamentals of handgun safety, including safe handling, storage, and transportation. It also covers the basics of shooting technique and marksmanship.

module #4

Proper Storage Practices for Handguns with an Emphasis on Storage with Children in the Home: This module covers safe storage practices for handguns, including proper storage techniques and best practices for securing firearms in homes with children.

Completion of these four modules is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety for individuals who wish to obtain a License to Carry a handgun in Texas. The course is available online and can be completed at the student's own pace.

Our Top 12 Reasons Get A License to Carry in Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

When going through the process of getting an LTC, you may have a few questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

Can you get your LTC online in Texas?

You can complete the classroom portion of your License to Carry online with Texas Carry Course and we will give your DPS issued LTC-101 form which is required to take the live-fire exam at a location convenient for you.

Can I get my license if I'm 18?

Yes. Texas just recently annouced on the DPS website that you can get your license to carry now starting at 18.

How long does it take to get your LTC in Texas 2023?

Our online LTC course is four hours of entertaining and educational content. After the virtual portion, you will take a live-fire exam to complete the requirements for the application. After everything is submitted to the DPS it generally takes about 2-4 weeks to get your license in the mail.

Are online Concealed Carry Weapon Classes legal?

Yes, but only from DPS approved course providers like us, TexasCarryCourse.com. We are listed on the DPS website as an approved course provider.

Is a CHL the same as an LTC?

CHL (concealed handgun license) and LTC (license to carry) refer to the same license! The name was changed from CHL to LTC in 2016 due to firearms no longer having to be concealed by law.

How to Apply for Your LTC (18+)


You must first complete the online classroom portion of the required license to carry course. We will issue you a DPS LTC-101 form. We complete section A. You MUST take this form with you to step 2 (the shooting portion).


Complete the shooting proficency exam with a local instructor. You must give the instructor the DPS LTC-101 form we gave you. They will sign off on parts B and C.


You will then need to go to the DPS website to apply for your license to carry. You will upload your supporting documents like your LTC-101 we issued you. The DPS will email a service code to you for you to use to get your fingerprints taken in the final step.


For the last step, you will go to the "Identogo" website and schedule an appointment to have your digital fingerprints taken for the DPS to finish your application. Give Identogo the service code the DPS emailed you.


Wait for your license to arrive in the mail. This is usually just a couple of weeks, but the state does have up to 60 days to issue you your license.

Course Pricing


1 Student.

When you purchase a single course for yourself.


2 Students.

When you purcahse 1 additional course for a friend or family member.


3 Students.

When you purcahse 2 additional courses for friends or family members.


4 Students.

When you purcahse 3 additional courses for friends or family members.

On step 2 of the checkout page you can select how many courses you would like to purchase. Once you do, your instructions for how to sign up your firends or family members will be emailed to you with your receipt.

Texas Reciprocity Map

States You Can Carry In with a Texas LTC?

Above you can see which states honor the Texas LTC (aka concealed carry permit). Our map is offered for informational purposes only. Always check the Texas DPS website for the most up to date information. Please always check the DPS website for the most up to date information here.

Meet our Mascot, Ruger the GOAT

CHL - TexasCarryCourse

Meet Ruger, the official mascot of Texas Carry Course! Ruger may have started out as a cute little goat, but he's now a highly-trained firearms instructing goat, thanks to our online LTC course. Over the years, Ruger has helped us teach over 25,000 students, and he's now reached grand master status. Just don't tell him he's not actually the instructor...

Enrolling in our online LTC course is not just about getting your license to carry, it's about joining the ranks of Ruger and becoming part of a community of responsible gun owners who take their safety seriously. Our course is convenient, affordable, and taught by experienced instructors who know how to make learning entertaining.

So don't wait - sign up for our online LTC course today and become a part of the Texas Carry Course family. Who knows, you might even get to meet Ruger in person!

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Are online Texas LTC courses legal?

Yes! Our class is fully approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. In 2017, State Legislature passed a bill that allows for the classroom portion of the Texas LTC course to be taught by approved virtual class providers like our team. Please see the law that is referenced below to get more information. We will also post the phone number to the Texas DPS if you would like further verification or need any further questions about the law answered.

We are certified under TX GC 411.188 & 411.190 to administer the online License to Carry Course.

If you would like to verify this information with the Texas Department of Public Safety, or have further questions on the legislation, please call 512-424-7293 (Handgun Licensing Program).

What The Law Says

Page 27 & 28 of GC 411.188 as found in Texas License to Carry and Handgun Laws issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety states:

(a)...The department shall distribute the standards, course requirements, and examinations on request to any qualified handgun instructor or approved online course provider seeking to administer the course or a part of the course as described by Subsection (b).

(b)...A qualified handgun instructor or approved online course provider may administer the classroom instruction part of the handgun proficiency course.

(c)...An approved online course provider shall administer the classroom instruction part of the handgun proficiency course in an online format. A course administered online must include not less than four hours and not more than six hours of instruction.


Our class provides 4 hours of modern and engaging video content complete with educational and entertaining graphics. This resource for gun owners was produced and filmed in 2020 providing fresh and innovative content. Our team offers:

  • Fully Narrated Videos that will keep you interested and engaged for maximum comprehension.
  • Live action examples and situations that are taught by first hand experience of an educated and knowledgable instructor.
  • We even offer and provide you with the notes from each video so you can learn the way that suits you best and allows you to take control of your own learning.


To Educate and Help Responsible Gun Owners Learn in an Interactive and Engaging Environment.

Our mission is to help new and experienced gun owners alike get their License to Carry so they can have the safety and peace of mind you deserve. We want you to have the confidence that you need and desire in your life. We strive to accomplish this through interactive education that keepsyou engaged throughout the entire class, giving you the optimum learning opportunity for your hard-earned money. Our online LTC will help you get your documentation needed to carry and be a responsible and educated gun owner.

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